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The Master in Accounting, Auditing and Control (LM-77) covers all theoretical and practical aspects of analysing and using financial data in profit, non-profit and public organisations. The programme has both a local and international perspective, offering students the opportunity to tailor the programme to their own interests and career ambitions.



Students in the MSc in Accounting, Auditing and Control are prepared for the following roles:

  1. Manager of local firms
  2. Manager of international firms
  3. Manager of non-profit firms 
  4. Consultant for the Public Sector
  5. Financial analyst
  6. Certified Auditor (national abilitation required)
  7. Certified Accountant (national abilitation required)
  8. Firm consultant

The MSc in Accounting, Auditing and Control offer sufficient preparation for the application to a PhD in Accounting, Finance, and Management.



The MSc in Accounting, Auditing and Control is suitable for al students tha already possess a basic training in business and accounting and are willing to deepen their knowlodge with a focus on local and international perspectives. 

The admission to the MSc in Accounting, Auditing an Control is subject to requirements in terms of topics covered during the Bachelor Degree and personal attitude of the applicant.

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The MSc in Accounting, Auditing, and Control offers students the posibility to bridge the gap between AAC, managerial skills, and corporate governance. Students can select two different study plan, focusing on local or international perspective of a firm's measurement. 

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Each course is designed to enable students to link case studies to the theoretical background of the subject matter. The objective is to strenghten students' learning skills, communication skills, making judgements. To fulfil these objectives, each course offers students the possibility to solve case studies, attend to seminars, etc.

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The MSc in Accounting, Auditing, and Control offers multiple opportunities to study abroad through the Erasmus Program and Double Degree learning agreements.

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The MSc in Accounting, Auditing, and Control constantly promotes the connection between the academic community and the job market. In particular, students will have the opportunity to participate in one or more of the following activities: career days, job seminars, internships, scholarships for studying abroad.

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