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Laurea Magistrale in Accounting, Auditing e Controllo | Master in Accounting, Auditing and Control

Double Degree UNIFI-Bamberg



Starting from Academic Year 2022-2023, students enrolled in the first year of the MSc in Accounting, Auditing, and Control have the opportunity to graduate from both institutions and to simultaneously pursue the Master Degree from the University of Florence and the University of Bamberg. Upon successful completion of the double degree program, the partner institutions award the following academic titles:
  • UNIFI: MSc in Accounting, Auditing, and Control
  • Bamberg: Master of Science in Finance and Accounting



  • Official language English
  • 5 students per year
  • 60 ECTS at UNIFI + 60 ECTS at University of Bamberg (including master thesis)
  • Full text of the agreement
  • See the agreement for the study plan
  • Additional information on the School of Economics and Management website at this link 





Discover the history of the city of Bamberg, for a short period of time the capital of the Roman Empire.

last update: 13-June-2022
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